Water Sport Activities in Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast


Water Sport Activities to do on the Brunswick Islands & Cape Fear Coast

For those who crave the ocean and ache for new ways to conquer the waves, a visit to the Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands will more than quench your thirst. With just about every type of water activity available, you can spend each afternoon testing your skills on a new water sport. Think you’ve tried everything already? Think again!

girl surfing

Cape Fear visitor longboarding

A new favorite in the Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands, paddleboarding is a growing trend among water enthusiasts. In paddleboarding, the paddleboarder kneels down on a long surfboard (or paddleboard) and leans forward, using the arms in a swimming motion to propel them toward the shore. An offshoot of paddleboarding is stand-up paddleboarding, another popular water sport, where the participant stands on the board and uses a long paddle to maneuver through the water.

Home to Hall of Fame surfers and noteworthy waves, the Cape Fear Coast is the perfect place to hang ten. Whether you own a wetsuit or have never touched a surfboard in your life, surf camps in the area offer everything you need to catch a wave. These camps typically last a week, and experienced instructors offer private and group lessons to all ages. In addition to the basics, surf camps can educate you on currents, equipment and ecology.

Jet Skiing
Speed across the water and over waves, spot dolphins in the surf, and explore island areas inaccessible by foot on your own personal watercraft. Most rental companies give you a designated riding area to explore, ranging in size. Be sure to ask ahead of time where your area begins and ends. Of course, safety is always key, and our outfitters make sure you are properly trained before driving the craft.

Ideal for exploring remote coastal areas, kayaking is a great way to get a close-up view of some of our country’s last preserved natural beaches. Spot wildlife and migrating birds, coast through tall marshes, and enjoy the quiet solitude of nature. Take a kayak tour, and let a guide lead you through unspoiled areas while explaining the ecosystem and wildlife around you. Or just rent a two-person kayak, and explore wherever your heart desires.

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Kayaking at Dawn

What can beat soaring above the beach on a smooth parasail ride? For 25 years, more and more people have been discovering the joys of defying gravity and flying among the clouds. One of the most popular beach activities, parasailing can actually be done without even getting your feet wet. You’ll enjoy the breathtaking view and unbelievable feeling of flight.

Pontoons, jet boats, sailboats, cruisers, skiffs—the possibilities are endless. Just choose your craft and set out on your own voyage in the surrounding waters. Some companies even offer free water ski, tube and wake-board rentals, so you can enjoy a full day of water sports. And of course, experienced anglers can skip the charter and rent their own skiff for a solo fishing adventure. Whatever your passion, renting a boat is one of the best ways to experience the abundant and beautiful water that surrounds Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

From ferry boats to sunset sails, there is a wide variety of public cruises to choose from in the Cape Fear Coast/Brunswick Islands area. Learn the ropes of sailing on a customized sailboat cruise, spot wildlife in coastal marshes, or just sit back and relax as the sights of the Carolina coast go by.

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