Krazy Kones Ice Cream in Carolina Beach


Get Your Ice Cream Fix at Krazy Kones on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk!

What could be better on your walk down the Carolina Beach Boardwalk than enjoying the unique flavor of Krazy Kones. Krazy Kones is one of a kind with its combination of farm fresh dairy milk and unique flavors.

Even the look of their unique ice cream cone with flavor streaks wrapping around the soft serve tells you it is something different…and delicious!

Extremely Fresh Carolina Milk

The source of this ice cream is Carolina fresh milk from the Jackson Farm. The Jackson Farm is located in Dunn, North Carolina, which is further into the interior of the state. While not as easy as something per-processed, the difference Jackson Farms makes is incredible. Their cows receive no hormones and do not eat any plant material that has been exposed to herbicide. You can taste that in the Krazy Kones ice cream, too!

Carolina Beach Boardwalk Treat

Krazy Kones is conveniently located on the boardwalk near the amusements. This makes it the perfect cool down treat when you come off the beach.

2 Carolina Beach Avenue N
Carolina Beach, NC

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