Open Late in Carolina Beach, North Carolina


Pop’s Diner in Carolina Beach is Open After Hours for Some Great Late Night Eats


You never know when hunger will strike. It can strike long after everything else is closed leaving you with the choice of trek to a 24 hour WalMart or some cheese whiz covered tortilla chips at the local convenience store. But on your trip to Kure or Carolina Beach you have a third option for late night hunger…Pop’s Diner.

Open late, Pop’s Diner offers just about every type of American comfort food you could want including:

  • Burgers
  • Fries
  • Ice Cream
  • Hot Dogs
  • Brisket
  • BBQ
  • Reubens
  • Seafood

Pop’s itself is a serious throw back with its authentic diner atmosphere. There was a time in Carolina Beach where the roads were littered with diners, today have been replaced by scores of chain restaurants. However, Pop’s has kept its classic theme, food and vibes ever since.


104 N. Lake Park Blvd.

Carolina Beach, NC



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Michael’s Seafood Restaurant & Catering in Carolina Beach


Visit the award-winning Michael’s Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach!

The seaside decor, full service bar and outdoor eating seating area are just the icing on the cake when it comes to dining at Michael’s Seafood Restaurant. The atmosphere at Michael’s allows you to enjoy the coastal weather and vibes while the catch of the day is being cooked and seasoned to you liking.


Here you will find daily “5 and 10” specials ($5 lunches and $10 dinners) with different specials every day of the week. *Specials are available 4 pm to Close*

Besides being a well recognized award winning restaurant, Michael’s seafood also has another claim to fame. They are a three time seafood chowder award winner.

You know its good chowder when you consider where the cook-off took place—New England. New England has a pretty solid reputation for great seafood themselves. But despite this fact, Michael McGowan trekked over 800 miles to take on every seafood aficionado from Florida to Maine—and beat them.

Award-Winning Carolina Beach Restaurant

Michael’s has received multiple awards as one of the best restaurants on Carolina Beach (Pleasure Island). Here are a few of the awards:

  • Best Soup Award (Taste of Wilmington)
  • Restaurant of the Year (Small Business Coalition)
  • Best Seafood Restaurant (Encore Readers’ Choice)

Plus, Michael’s offers off-premises catering for any number of people. See here for the Full Catering Menu.



Monday–Friday: 11 am–9 pm

Sunday– Friday Theme Nights


1206 N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC



Seafest Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach


What You Will Find to Eat at Seafest Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach


Carolina Beach Seafood Buffet


If you want to sample all the North Carolina seafood you can eat in just one sitting, then make  your reservation for Seafest Gourmet Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach, Brunswick Islands. The Seafest Gourmet has over 70 items and all your favorite seafood items including:

  • Snow Crab Legs
  • Oysters Rockefeller
  • Crab Imperial
  • Red Salmon
  • Clam Chowder
  • Steamed Oysters
  • Fried Shrimp
  • Deviled Crab
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Crab Cakes

And much more…

Seafest Gourmet Tip: When they say “All U Can Eat” Crab Legs they mean it—so be sure to come hungry!

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Carolina Beach Seafood


Seafood Restaurants in Carolina Beach, North Carolina


entree of seafood

Fresh Seafood Entrees

You can’t come to the North Carolina Brunswick Islands and not try the seafood. Some of the freshest delectable shellfish resides in the water right off Carolina and Kure Beach. Oysters, clams, scallops, fresh fish and crab legs are a few of the coastal seafood favorites you can enjoy. Carolina Beach offers a huge selection of restaurants that you can enjoy them at. Here are just a few:

Seafood Buffet

Seafest Gourmet Seafood Buffet

300 N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC


If you are looking for the big blowout mega buffet this is the Carolina Beach version


Seafood Ala Carte

Michael’s Seafood Restaurant & Catering

1206 N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach, NC


Put this award-winning culinary restaurant on your list and see why it was ranked #1 by the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce


Oyster Bar

Shuckin’ Shack

6a N. Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, NC


Serving fresh, delicious seafood meals and creative cocktails


Kure Beach Seafood

Jack Mackerals Island Grill

113 K. Avenue, Kure Beach, NC


Jack Mackerels offers your favorites such as seafood, chicken, steak and lobster dinners in relaxed atmosphere

Buying a Home on the Brunswick Islands or Cape Fear Coast

All you need to know if you are buying a house on the Brunswick Islands or Cape Fear Coast

The proximity to the ocean, the pure, white, powdery sand of the unspoiled beaches—what’s not to love about this place? Perhaps you feel so at home during your stay that you’re considering making the Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands a permanent home or possibly a secondary one.

Buying a home here is easier than you may think—and the perks are better than you’d ever imagine.

Century 21 real estate agent Brad Vanderburg explains that the reason the area is so popular for purchasing real estate is because of the low population, the non-commercial atmosphere and the quaint and quiet scene of Brunswick Islands, along with the pristine beaches.

path leading to beach

Aside from these desirable features, there’s another aspect that draws buyers in: the affordability. “It’s best to buy now while the interest rates are low,” Vanderburg advises. “Sooner or later they are going to rise.” Also low are the taxes and prices for new construction. “Pricing of homes is the lowest they’ve been for a long time,” Vanderburg says. In other words, right now it’s a buyers’ dream. However, down the real estate road a few years, prices will slowly rise, making it a great investment opportunity to purchase a house in the area.

Another reason it’s a solid investment is because of the profitable income that derives from renting a beach house to vacationers. Because of the area’s successful tourism industry, your house could be rented for much of the season, meaning you’ll be collecting money without having to leave your primary home. “The rental market is still big,” Vanderburg assures.

The first decision to make is which area you’d like to call home. Vanderburg recommends the areas of Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach, depending on what buyers are looking for in a location. Both areas are uncommercialized and popular spots for vacationers to stay. Sunset Beach is family-friendly, laid-back and great for leisurely activities such as biking. Ocean Isle is great for boating, fishing and water sports, featuring concrete canals and an inlet to access the ocean. “It’s a boaters’ paradise,” Vanderburg says.

However, it’s not all about the water. “There are just as many people going into the golf communities as the beaches,” Vanderburg explains. With so many pristinely manicured courses boasting impeccable greens and lush fairways, it’s easy to see why lovers of the game would choose to live near their favorite course. Further still, there are plenty houses in the rural areas of Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands available for purchasing for those who prefer a quiet, tucked away kind of living.

It’s also important to have a good property management company looking after your beach home if you plan to rent it out, especially if you don’t live nearby. This way, you don’t have to worry about aspects such as advertising your house as a rental property, collecting payment, scheduling visitors and hiring housekeeping services to clean.

Visit McClure Realty Vacations for a safe, worry-free and profitable way to rent out your home. This full-service vacation rental company is located in Ocean Isle Beach and specializes in beach vacation rentals and property management. They’re always accepting new homeowners; however, they recommend joining in fall so that your rental can be included in their exclusive rental brochure.

Brunswick Islands aerial shot

Brunswick Islands

McClure Realty adds valuable exposure to your home by printing and mailing thousands of full-color vacation rental brochures to repeat and new renters and utilizing their interactive website that allows unlimited space for your home’s listing and 24-hour booking. Plus, their Specials page allows you to advertise special discount rates to fill last minute open dates for your unit.

They have one of the lowest commission rates in the area and provide a personalized level of service to their homeowners, including many extras to help out homeowners in any way they can. They’ll help with:

  • The pricing of your rental property
  • Arrange needed services or repairs throughout the season
  • Keep your rental property stocked with housewares and kitchen appliances
  • Maintain your property’s value by assessing and repairing minor issues to avoid paying higher repair costs

McClure’s staff of housekeepers will handle the cleaning needs of your unit whether it’s spring cleaning or inspections before the first rental season. They even work with owners who have a preferred housekeeping company in mind.

Most importantly, McClure Realty Vacations is a small rental company, so you won’t get lost in the crowd or become just another number. All year long you can expect personalized, friendly service while you know that your home is in good, professional hands.

No matter if you’re looking to buy a primary home, a secondary home or an investment property that you plan to rent to vacationers, there’s a place for you to make it happen and live happily with your buying decision. Here’s your invitation—welcome home.

Dining in the Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast

There are all sorts of dining destinations in the Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast!

The Eats
The art of food has been an important tradition in North Carolina’s kitchens for generations, stemming from family dinners centered on freshly-caught seafood and recently harvested veggies and evolving into culinary masterpieces which still feature local faire as the main attraction.

Chefs understand that vacation is the one time of year that you can get away without having a care in the world. Because of this, they want to make food the last thing you worry about but the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Brunswick Islands and the Cape Fear Coast.

Surrounded by oceans, bays and inlets, this part of North Carolina is rich with fresh seafood year-round. Some of the most pristine coastal areas are right around the corner, and thousands of fishermen make a living off reeling in an assortment of fish, including grouper, mahi-mahi, tuna, swordfish, mackerel and shellfish.

With more than 30 seafood restaurants within a square mile, the town of Calabash is known as the “Seafood Capital of the World.” The quaint town is a mecca for seafood lovers; especially those who love fish served “Calabash-style”—deep-fried in seasoned cornmeal batter.

seafood plate

Fresh Seafood Platter

Of course since chefs have such a variety of fish coming in fresh each day, the menu options will be different each time. Look for the blackboard listing or check with your server about the day’s fresh catch, which is served in an endless amount of ways—steamed, fried, blackened, or Calabash-style. Area chefs use their creative license to create delicious dishes with distinctive twists, combining seafood and fresh ingredients from local farms.

The most famous dish in the Tar Heel state has to be Carolina barbecue, a combination of pork, heat and smoke that makes for tender, rich, succulent meat that is chopped and usually paired with a thin vinegar sauce. While delicious, quality meals made with fresh ingredients are indeed the most important factor when dining out, it’s certainly not the only factor. “I think the most important aspect a vacationer looks for when they visit our area is memories to take home with them,” says Danny Joe Swinson, events coordinator at The Lazy Pirate Island Sports Grill in Carolina Beach. “Such as friendly faces, great, local seafood or some family-friendly atmosphere with live music and perhaps a new twist on an old favorite.”

At The Lazy Pirate, guests can expect to feast on a variety of coastal favorites including Seafood Chowder, Conch Fritters, Baked Lobster Macaroni, Bangin’ Mahi, Dixie Wings (Voted Best in Wilmington!) and the Big Grand Daddy Burger. Plus, their interactive atmosphere they provide with their sand volleyball, cornhole, free jukebox and live music may let you come in as a stranger, but you will always leave a friend. One thing that sets them apart from others is their friendly vibe. “You may have to experience it to understand,” Swinson explains. “But once you do you will never forget it.”

The Drinks
Nothing goes with a pot of freshly steamed crabs like an ice cold beer or a chilled glass of wine, especially if the sips were crafted locally. Just as the culinary scene in North Carolina has taken visitors on a journey of spectacular eats, the local crafts of fermenting grapes and brewing beer are steadily rising to the top of the popularity scales, and they’re nowhere near stopping.

The reason visitors and locals alike have such a passion for local beer and wines is because they want to experience everything about the Brunswick Islands and Cape Fear Coast in its truest sense. Imported beverages can be found anywhere; it’s the ones made right nearby that leave folks longing for a taste and consistently craving more.

With the largest beer selection on the island, you won’t have trouble choosing a stout, ale, porter or wheat that’s perfectly paired with your straight-from-the-docks seafood. Of course beer isn’t the only beverage that combines nicely with seafood. North Carolina’s thriving wine industry is giving visitors even more of a reason to want to taste the fruits of labor from the many grape growers and vintners throughout the region.

wine and beer in glasses

Muscadine is a popular grape for this region that produces a sweet, dessert-style wine. When made correctly, muscadine wine retains a refreshing and often nostalgic taste of the grape itself. However, many vineyards have chosen to plant the classic wine grapes of California and Europe—cabernet sauvignon, sauvignon blanc, syrah and zinfandel.

One such vineyard that produces European varietals is Silver Coast Winery located in Ocean Isle Beach, the only winery in Brunswick County. Maryann and her husband Dr. “Bud” Azzato operate the winery, which has been open for 12 years. Maryann says that when she moved to the area 20 years ago, folks would have to travel quite a ways to buy a bottle of North Carolina wine. “I thought I must not be the only person in Brunswick County who likes wine,” she says. And she wasn’t.

After opening Silver Coast Winery, the Azzatos received much support from the local community, which truly embraced the winery. In return, the Azzatos began supporting the local community by starting a wine label competition that drew the attention of area artists. After that they began hosting events where local musicians could share their talents.

At their tasting room in Southport, visitors can try Silver Coast wines (the Touriga is a must) along with beers brewed right in North Carolina and other regions. Finally, the Azzatos sample and sell their wines at farmers’ markets, bringing the aspect of community full circle. And after all, as Maryann says, “Isn’t that what it’s all about?”

Cape Fear Serpentarium in Downtown Wilmington

Visit the Cape Fear Serpentarium in Downtown Wilmington for A Chance to Witness Rare Reptiles!

Starring the world’s most dangerous snakes, Cape Fear Serpentarium is a world class Reptile Park, all indoors. The stars live in beautiful surroundings created by a Hollywood set crew. Giant King Cobras that rear up at eye level, Black Mambas, Spitting Cobras, sinister Gaboon Vipers, and wicked looking Fer-de-lance snakes are just a few of the rogues in this amazing, two story, 10,000-sq.-foot gallery located on a historic site.

cape fear serpentarium logo

A Reticulated Python named “Sheena,” 22 ft. long and weighing more than 250 lbs, swims in her own waterfall. Green Mambas vie for basking spots on a tangle of gnarly jungle vines. Rattlesnakes combat and cobras hood, strike, and copulate right in front of you (it’s obvious the snakes love being here!).

Perhaps the most celebrated exhibit is the world’s largest collection of the rare and deadly Bushmaster snake, biggest viper on earth, reaching 12 feet. Man-eating Nile Crocodiles from Africa are nestled in rock grottoes, and a 12 foot Salt Water Crocodile from Australia living in an undersea cave hanging with stalactites, complete the cold-blooded family.

Over 130 snakes are on exhibit, representing every corner of the world.

The creator and Director of all this is Dean Ripa, a man whose veins run with as much venom as blood. Bitten ten times by venomous snakes over the course of his career, he has the dubious distinction of being the most Bushmaster-bitten of all time. 80% of all persons who encounter the Bushmaster’s huge inch-long fangs die, even with anti-venom treatment. Ripa has survived four Bushmaster bites to date.

You can witness Dean Ripa climbing into the cage with these eight-foot monsters and feeding them off the end of tiny barbecue tongs while lecturing you about the astonishing methods these vipers use to get prey.

Dean spent over 20 years traveling to the remote reaches of the earth to catch the snakes that are in his museum, and his life’s story is surely one of the most amazing anybody has ever lived to tell about. Scott McKenzie, Curator, will greet you at the door to tell you just a bit more than you might care to know about the fascinating creatures he risks his life on a daily basis to care for.

Located along the beautiful new Cape Fear River Walk in historic downtown Wilmington, the Serpentarium is simply the coolest place in Wilmington—a thrill for snake haters and snake lovers alike!

Golf Guide for North Carolina’s Coast

Your Golf Guide for the North Carolina Coast

With almost 500 golf courses across the state, North Carolina is one of the most popular destinations for golfers on the East Coast. This coastal region is one of the state’s most dense areas, with nearly 40 courses in the Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands alone and dozens more within a short drive.

In fact, the amount of top-quality courses has earned the Brunswick Islands the moniker “Golf Coast.” World-class golfers like Arnold Palmer, Fred Couples and Jon Daly have taken advantage of the diverse topography, sandy soil and seaside terrain, molding stunning, expansive fairways into the already beautiful landscape.

Brunswick Islands aerial shot

Brunswick Islands

Courses here on Golf Coast blend seamlessly with nature, many with water views of the ocean, inlets or sounds, some looking right over the Atlantic Ocean or Intracoastal Waterway. Inland courses are set amid towering pines, pristine forests and the occasional heron or deer. From seasoned pros to first-timers, this coastal region has a course to suit you.

While the landscape of the courses is relaxing, there are definitely some challenging holes throughout the Brunswick Islands—challenging enough that golfers keep coming back again and again to lower their handicap. Of course, most courses were designed with both the professional and beginner in mind, so even a first-time golfer can enjoy a day out on the links at nearly all of the nearby courses.

In order to be ready to tackle that Par 3 or find your ball among the pines, you need to have the proper attire and equipment. Make sure your outfit is appropriate for the course and you have the right shoes. Most of the public courses require spikes, but it’s best to check with the clubhouse or facility to be certain. If you don’t have your own clubs, many courses offer club rentals. There are also plenty of pro shops in case you’re in the market for new ones.

Nearly all of the courses are open to the public, and even the few private clubs offer play packages to non-members. Green fees are in line with what you’d expect to pay, and you might be pleasantly surprised at rates offered by most courses. Before you head out to the links, contact the course to arrange a tee time. Some local courses also have online booking options. Either way, keep in mind that it’s best to book ahead.

Most golf courses offer lessons for every level of golfer. Whether you need to tweak your swing or get a full introduction to this game of precision, onsite pros are there to help. Learn the basics from one of the expert instructors, or work on advanced techniques with a pro. In addition to teaching the fundamentals, lessons can offer swing analyses, general pointers for evaluating the course and tips for your short game.

golf course

Some golf courses have the additional benefit of onsite driving ranges and practice greens, as well as all the necessary amenities, such as a pro shop, rentals, beverage and snack carts and a clubhouse bar and restaurant. Some of the best courses are also resorts, with full accommodations for the ultimate golfing getaway.

With sub-tropical weather, golfers are lured here year-round. But perhaps the best time to hit the links is the spring and fall, when the temperatures cool and the beach crowds return home. No matter what time of year, you’re bound to experience some of the best golf of your life in the friendly atmosphere that defines the North Carolina coast.

Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast

Surfing Guide for the Cape Fear Coast

Surfing is a way of life on the beautiful beaches of southeastern North Carolina. So many locals cherish and respect the rich history of the sport and lifestyle that make us who we are. Watching someone glide on a surfboard while perched on the crest of a wave incites awe! It also poses questions like how does one learn and who came up with this exhilarating sport?

Today surfing is a way of life for millions of people, but it is ingrained in history—born under the feet of indigenous islanders thousands of years ago. Surfing’s legacy began with the first Polynesians who experienced wave riding in route between the tropical islands spotting the Pacific.

Fast forward to the present and learning to surf it is at the top of everyone bucket list! There is no better place to cross that off your list than the consistent beginner breaks of the Cape Fear Coast.
In the summer, the clear and warm water temperature averages in the low 80s, making it an ideal location to learn to surf. Both our spring and fall shoulder seasons are also fabulous as crowds are light and the waves still perfect for learning.

Surfing is about getting back to the basics, and learning is an extremely popular option for both vacationers and locals alike. The best part is that anyone can learn! Surfing provides a platform that builds confidence for beginners, yet it can also humble even the most gifted natural athletes. You can start when you’re 5 or 75 and the key factor is professional instruction. Learning to surf the right way is essential to understanding the fundamental building blocks necessary to achieve your goals.

The best introduction into the world of surfing is through a professional surfing lesson or weeklong surf camp. Proper instruction will accelerate your learning curve and take away many of the frustrations beginners face—all while providing a fun atmosphere.

girl surfing

Cape Fear visitor longboarding

When you are ready to catch your first wave make sure you choose a company that can provide you the best wave riding instructions possible. Keep in mind several important factors when selecting a program. First, ask how long the company has been in business. You will tend to find that the longer a company has been around, the better their instructional methodologies.

Second, all instructors at a minimum should be certified in CPR/First Aid and teach at a student to instructor ratio of 3:1.  Make sure safe, soft-topped boards equipped with safety fins are used. Taking lessons will teach you skills that could otherwise take months and years to learn on your own, while giving you knowledge and resources to continue at your own pace.

Picture this: focused eyes, ear-to-ear smile, your instructor cheering you on as you ride your first wave ever. My favorite summer moments are seeing the faces of beginner surfers light up as they ride their first wave!  Always remember that the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

Pura Vida!
Editorial by: Rick Civelli , Founder/President WB Surf Camp

Shopping Along the Cape Fear Coast

Shopping Guide for Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands

window shopping

Window Shopping

Studies show that women think about fashion an average of 91 times a day, which makes shopping an obvious activity to do while on vacation. Whether it’s browsing the latest fashions, searching for that perfect souvenir, finding the ideal gift or perusing the locally made crafts and one-of-a-kind antiques, there’s always a reason to go shopping.Fortunately, the Cape Fear Coast and Brunswick Islands have all the makings for a perfect shopping adventure.

Fashion and Outlet Stores
Having a passion for the finer things in life can be expensive but only if you don’t know where to shop. Start at Wilmington’s Mayfaire Town Center to discover the fabulous finds at chic clothing stores such as Banana Republic, White House Black Market and J. Crew. While you’re in Wilmington, browse Independence Mall for an impressive selection of name brand clothes plus a great variety of stores you may expect to find in a mall and a few surprises!

There are plenty of surf shops in the area, but don’t expect just surfboards and wetsuits—modern surf shops carry stylish clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses and more for men, women and kids. In Wrightsville Beach you’ll find plenty of surf shops as well as upscale boutiques offering sophisticated fashions unlikely to be found elsewhere.

Eclectic Shops
Throughout Wilmington’s historic district, you’ll find a wide range of stores, most of them locally owned with a unique selection of merchandise from candles, jewelry and locally crafted wares. The Cotton Exchange at the north end of the riverfront features a variety of shops in a historic cotton building, once the site of the largest cotton-export company in the world. Learn about the history of the cotton industry, and then meander around the multi-level shopping center and its many diverse stores, selling everything from Christmas decorations and books to jewelry and homemade fudge.

On the other end of the Riverfront is Chandler’s Wharf, a retail and dining complex with cobblestone streets, plank walkways and a maritime atmosphere. You will find a mix of dockside restaurants and quaint stores.
Another interesting diversion with a variety of merchandise is the Old Wilmington City Market, a historic building on the waterfront between Front and Water streets. Art galleries, jewelers, clothing boutiques and craft shops take up the arcade-style building, which once served as a vegetable market.

One particularly delightful place to shop is Lumina Station, a shopping area inspired by the Lumina pavilion, which was once a Wrightsville Beach hotspot. Lumina Station features a dozen unique shops, restaurants and cafes and a delightfully upscale yet relaxed environment. Take a rest on one of the many rocking chairs that sit amidst the beautiful flowers and trees that surround the center. Here you’ll find stores that are one-of-a-kind offering delights such as artisan jewelry and handbags, splendid gifts for the home, fine art pieces and so much more.

The quiet, oak-lined streets of Southport provide a totally unique shopping experience. Ambling around the old-fashioned shops in historic buildings and houses is like a step back in time, and also quite rewarding. Find gifts, jewelry, art and clothing, not to mention charming store owners with many stories to tell.

Cape Fear Jewerly

Specialty Stores
Visit the Hanover Center strip mall, a 320,000 square foot community shopping center, to find specialty food items, home furnishings and gifts. Also in Wilmington around the University of North Carolina, you’ll find a variety of stores, including a bookstore with rare and vintage books and 22,000-square foot art gallery.
On Oak Island, Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach and Sunset Beach, shoppers will find stores geared
to beach lovers and art lovers plus other specialty stores such as swimsuit boutiques, nautical gift stores and bookstores.

Most of the stores on Pleasure Island have a central theme—having fun at the beach. You’ll come across plenty of beach stores with everything you need for a day of fun in the sun, as well as countless souvenirs and gift items. Carolina Beach has the largest selection of such stores, as well as a few other interesting shops, including bookstores and clothing boutiques.

Antique stores abound here, making this area quite a popular place for finding vintage treasures and retro souvenirs. Antique enthusiasts will find much to smile about across Southport, as there are plenty of quaint antique stores, as well as an antique mall with more than 30 dealers. Parking is free on all city streets, but the town is so pleasant and small, you’ll definitely want to walk from shop to shop. Pleasure Island also has a tremendous antiques scene as well.

Shopkeepers often make the experience of browsing just as fun as the thrill of a good find with their friendly attitudes and pleasant demeanor. However, when you do find that item you’ve been looking for or perhaps didn’t realize you needed, you’ll be able to treasure it forever and keep it as a reminder of your time on North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands.